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J Campbell and Evan Davis At CLosing on Metzler

Jeff Campbell, President of Gilmer County EDA and Evan Davis, Regional Manager of Metzler Forest Products celebrate the Metzer Forest Products closing on property at the Gilmer Industrial Park North Site.

February 2021

Lignetics and Metzler Forest Products Team Up for

New Pellet Project at the Gilmer Industrial Park.

Metzler Forest Products set up a pulpwood purchasing and processing yard in Gilmer County Industrial Park North Site.  

Headquartered in Pennsylvania, Metzler Forest Products has been a supplier to Lignetics of West Virginia for several years.  The new Metzler yard in Gilmer County will provide raw hardwood microchips to the Lignetics operation, also in Gilmer County Industrial Park.  Lignetics will turn the raw materials into flavored smoker pellets for grilling and smoking food.

“The total investment in the operations in Gilmer County will total over $2 million.” Said Evan Davis, regional manager.  “Metzler Forest Products look forward to the opportunity to provide an additional market for the West Virginia area logging and forest products industry”

The Gilmer County Economic Development Association (GCEDA) received an inquiry about their property across the road from the Industrial Park referred to as the North Site in the fall of 2020.

“In the calls and site visits that followed, we worked to ensure we could provide the necessary levels of utilities, develop a proper road and entrance, and maximize the site to meet their requirements,” said GCEDA President Jeff Campbell.  “We called on many of our local professionals to help fit all the pieces of the development puzzle together”.  Campbell went on to say “We are so happy to welcome Metzler Forest Products to West Virginia, Gilmer County, and the Industrial Park. Our board is pleased to be able to assist in retention & expansion of jobs in Gilmer County”